It’s me , A. 

Hello there. 

I know you don’t know who I am ; you’ll just hope I’m not the boring type. Maybe you don’t even know how I look – it doesn’t matter anyway , we are all about true selves right now. 

Please , be patient & take one word at a time. Do not judge before you’re done and do not speak until you fully understand the story. 

So , let’s go on. 

If you do know me , you know I always tried to be a happy memory in your life ; I’m sure you remember how I loved to drown in music every time and how we sang together all the lyrics that described our lost nights & neverending youth. You totally reminisce my boy-ish days & how 0 fucks were given 90 % of the time, and I bet you wonder if I told anyone your dirty little secrets. 

No , I did not. 😊

What I  truly appreciate right now is a good tea , a sweet wine and my man. And the scent of cinnamon 💖. And besides,since I realised I am turning 20 , I assured myself my twenties won’t pass for nothing ; doing nothing ; being nothing. 

I want to create insanely amazing stories and to carry with me as many happy memories as I can. Basically , I’m             E X P E R I E N C I N G    L I F E a little more than I used to. 

Now , welcome to my universe. 1 rule  : 

⚫️ Good vibes only. 

Love ,

-A. 💎



Photo credits : Iustina Andrusca  

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