Skinny Tips #1 : Skinny Teatox

Hello there. 😊

To begin this , I must say that I always tried to be skinny ; not anorexic-skinny , but skinny. And in order to achieve this I tried lots of teas and diets and so on ; now , I have something really juicy and I wanna share it with you. It’s called Skinny Teatox ! 🌿


It’s basically a tea made of different herbs that help you lose weight , burn calories , boost the metabolism , clean , detoxify and it increases A LOT the daily energy levels. 

Until now I have only tried the 14 Day Skinny Teatox ..

…Which is primarily made of : 

⚫️ Ginger

⚫️ Cinnamon

⚫️ Orange peel


⚫️ Ginseng

⚫️ Liquorice root


But since this is our 2nd collaboration , Emma was kind enough to send me one more of her products and I totally fell in love with it : The Chocolate Energy Drink !  Not only it acts like a morning coffee , it also has a very good taste ; I drink it with a tablespoon of honey 🍯. 

One more surprise from Emma : it came with a lovely seal infuser 💓. 


Just check out Skinny Teatox to find out more about their products. The results are P R O M I S E D 💪🏼. 

Until next time. 

Love , 

-A. 💎


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