Streetwear #1

Welcome into my closet !

Since its a lazy day , I’ll wear something comfy. I’m just going out with my friend at the National Gallery and I don’t feel like heels.

My choice of outfit is a variation of black and grey shades ; I’m not sad or something , but -as a redhead – you get used to the fact that your hair is an accessory itself and that it blends perfectly with only 4 colours : black,grey,white & beige. So yes , I abuse them 😅.

The rock-leather flat boots give a hardcore accent on the outfit , which I like a lot ; I like more the hoodie combined with these than with some high-tops. Still , not excluded.

My brand of choice is Porc-a-Porter , which I consider the most awesome on the streetwear part ; it’s hilarious, they satirize everything through clothing and the quality its insanely good. And yes , its R O M A N I A N. 🇷🇴🐽 Feel free to check out their website or Instagram account ; they’re so dope.


O U T F I T : 

Hat & Hoodie : Porc-a-Porter

Low skinny jeans & Boots : H&M


-A 💎.

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