Letter to older self

Right now , you are happy. Your mind is crowded with the everyday life and struggle , but you are peaceful. You learned to take everything step by step and you learned that every problem has its solution ; you just have to look deep enough for it. Also , you still have that ‘I don’t care’ inside you. It’s good ; do not change. Only pay attention and get involved in what actually,really matters.

Stress its your worst enemy ; it will always be , that I know for sure. Remember all the issues you got because of it ? Yea, we don’t want that anymore.

You work and study as much as you can and I am so proud of you and of the woman you are right now.You are patient ; you don’t yell anymore , even if the reflex is still there. If you get angry you always take a deep breath and remember you wouldn’t like to be yelled at. You use this principle for pretty much every social interaction nowadays.

The red hair is your one true love and you are super excited for your cherry shade this summer.

You’re on your way into the sports world and this choice accomplished you-a lot-on a professional level.Your path will always be a climb ; for you there is no top.

Your whole world revolves around 2 men and 2 men only : the love of your life and your best friend. Finally realising that you cannot find in ANYONE what you found in them made you have lower expectations coming from other friends or people in your life , which has only been good for you so far. They are the only ones you trust,appreciate and take example from.

Always protect and take care of your relationship ; by the next time you read this , I’m pretty sure you’ll replace ‘relationship’ with ‘marriage’. Never forget how much patience he had while you were struggling to find yourself and to change into a better woman. Never forget how he was ALWAYS there when needed and when not , at his strongest. You always took him as an example , don’t stop doing that.

Your best friend is his best friend and the 3 of you created something no one can ever touch , distroy or even enter : Triqueta. Hold on to this for as long as you can.

And finally,always remember : worry about your character,not your reputation . Your character is who you really are,when your reputation is just who they think you are . They do not matter .


-A 💎. 


Open for Feedback :)

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