Hornbæk Strand , Denmark 🇩🇰

Finally weekend. 

Saturday is the one sacred day when we can wake up and go to sleep anytime we want to , so we decided to take a trip to Hornbæk Strand. (‘Strand’=’Beach’ in Danish)

Travelling with my favourite human being really,really makes my day. ✨


Most internationals don’t know about it , and it’s too bad because the sand and the view here is awesome ; only an hour drive from Copenhagen ! 

The beach opens to the North Sea area called Kattegat. (sounds familiar ?) 

  The water is also super clear ; in the summer this place is a paradise. It is close enough even now ❤️. But since Denmark is moody , at one point it started to get foggy , and the freezing feeling became pain , so we decided to go home. 

Nice trip though. 

Let’s see what we’ll discover next time. 😊 

Lots of love,

-A. 💎

Open for Feedback :)

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