Gilleleje , Denmark 🇩🇰

Saturday caught us on the road again, discovering once more the northern coast of our island. 🌊

Gilleleje is a 50 min. drive from Copenhagen , and the parking lot is basically on the beach ; it’s really easy to get there. 


Even if it’s a rocky beach , you’ll fall in love with the water’s deep blue ; it’s a really nice place to get a walk during the winter (which is slowly turning into a premature spring). 

There is also a short section of the shore , just by the sea , that has the kind of sand I’d like to drown my feet into. 





I’m a child of the sea ; feeling the salty air everytime you go out is one of the perks of living on an island. 

This really feels like the right place to be. 💎






Next time I promise to try something less sea…ish. 😂 

O U T F I T : 

Sunglasses : Ray Ban Polarized

Scarf : Zara

Jacket / Jeans / Boots : H&M


-A 💎.   

Open for Feedback :)

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