Freetown Christiania,Denmark 🇩🇰

I kept thinking if I should make a separate post about Christiania or if I should just include it in a big , Copenhagen-dedicated one. And then it hit me : this is just too out-of-the-ordinary to be put aside with the common stuff. 

It is worldwide known as ‘The Hippie Community of Copenhagen’ or ‘Freetown Christiania’ because its population consider this territory an independent state , not part or Denmark nor the EU,although it’s located pretty much in the heart of Copenhagen. 


 Christiania’s inhabitants live simple and they have 3 simple rules while you’re there : no photos , no screaming and no running. These are meant only to prevent panic , this being a super chill environment. 

The buildings are pretty much unique for the way the blend in with the nature. If you ask me , I always felt like walking in a pixie village when being here. It’s really different ; away from anything the world nowadays is like. 

And if you’re looking for astonishing landscapes , lost forest paths or breathtaking sunsets , you’re in the right place bro. 



It’s really worth taking 2 hours of your time in Copenhagen to get lost in the Danish Neverland. Don’t forget to check out the main street ; lots of surprises await there. 🎁



O U T F I T : 

Full H&M pieces. 

Sunglasses : Ray Ban Polarized


-A 💎. 

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