A year older

When I woke up on the 5th of April I totally forgot it was my birthday (lol?!😂) ; no big shit in being 20. You change your age on Instagram and that’s pretty much it. 

What’s coming up next it’s the real deal ; you know your twenties should be the most vivid years of your life , right ? At least from my point of view. 

I’m not talking about career , money , fame or success. What I mean is trying so many things until you find something that makes you say ‘I wanna do this for the rest of my life’ ; teaching yourself the transition from anger to patience ; learning to have compassion and to love unconditionally, instead of hating or expecting in return what you’ve offered ; realising that everything you can’t control it’s a sign that you should adapt,let go or trust the universe. 

I got to know myself better this last year , and I found out that my path didn’t make me happy at all. I dreamed of entering the sports world , I did ; not what I expected. Now I’m looking further on ,trying , experiencing ; when in doubt , taking small steps only , but always going forward. It’s not shameful and it doesn’t make you a loser not knowing what’s coming up next ; but never , EVER , stuck yourself in something that doesn’t make you feel accomplished,happy or peaceful. 

School won’t make you smarter , work won’t make you richer. If you wanna gather knowledge , read ; if you wanna be rich , keep your loved ones close and never take them for granted ; if you’re dreaming of places , travel ; Life is so simple. 

I cannot say ‘je ne regrette rien’. I’ve been bad , mean , unfair or bitchy in these 20 years. But at least I realised ; did you ? Know your flaws and bad sides and turn them into qualities. A mistake that’s not repaired , will be repetead. 

I’m really sorry if I have been anything but kind to you ; if I ever made you feel sad , bad , angry or frustrated , whether you deserved it or not ; if I criticised you or got your hope down ; if I passed on anything but positive energy and good vibes ; I shouldn’t have. 

Everything else is up to you. 

Love , 

-A 💎. 

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