Brøndby Strand , Denmark – A day with us. 🇩🇰

Our British half just landed a few days ago , so we decided to make today special ; salty breeze , waves hitting the rocks , your feet drowning in powderish sand – that’s my kind of sunny day 🌞. 

Wanna join ? 

If you’ve met at least once one of us , you know that we are pretty much inseparable ; we created a family that we chose to nurture and protect , and I think we’ve done a decent job so far ; after all , we are separated by a thousand something kilometres 😂. 

Brøndby Strand is witnessing our definition of ‘chilling’ today and it’s a REALLY nice beach you can visit just around 20 km south of Copenhagen. 


As 99% of all the Dane beaches , you first meet the wild vegetation , and the dusty sand comes only before the sea itself. But I actually like that. I mean , it looks so virgin and untouched ; I find it really beautiful. 

The sand has an ivory shade and the sea is mental ; honestly , it has like 2 metres of turquoise-blue and 2 metres of jade-green and  suddenly it goes navy all the way. You may also encounter a few steps of seaweeds when you get in. 



We felt the warmth of 14 degrees today ; the wind cuts -5, but still ❤️. We just got rid of our stuff and we started wandering the beach , ‘cause guess what ? It was all O U R S. 

The funny thing is , we just came for a smoke and it just turned out to be one of the best days ever 💎. 

This is pretty much what a day of our life together looks like. 










Happy 420 by the way ! ✌🏼️💚🍃🌿

P.S. After all this finished , I had a coffee with my Blondie love and she somehow managed to make my day even better than it already was. I wanna share this with you because I really find her one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen,inside and out. 

Meet S. , my favourite Dane ❤️🇩🇰. 


O U T F I T : 

Hand bag : Mango

Sunglasses :  Ray Ban Polarized

Full H&M pieces. 


-A 💎. 

Open for Feedback :)

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