Scandinavian Spring Fashion – Tisvilde Strand , Denmark 🇩🇰

I swear today was repeteadly insane and amazing a thousand times. 

First of all , we traveled only 70 km North and we encountered sun, clouds, rain and snow ; good job Denmark ✌🏼️. Our destination was -supposedly-one of Sjælland’s most beautiful beaches : Tisvilde. (Sjælland is the island Copenhagen’s on. )

I was a bit surprised when I got there ; a bit more actually. It’s not beautiful , it’s insanely beautiful. It’s something I’ve never encountered before. The sea,the beach and the forest all together ; it’s monumental. 💎

We checked out the shore first : 

And later found a path that led us straight into the woods ; we followed it . – Best call of the day. 

I walked into a majestic forest while the dusty beach sand tried to drown my thick heels ; I’ve never experienced something like this in my life. Have you ? 

Damn Mother Nature , you know how to mindfuck. 

It’s the first time I’m wearing this outfit and I love its flow. The jacket has a belt-detail at the bottom that had me from the first second 💖. I also see in it a little Chanel inspiration ; the jeans are super-skinny high and have their long,golden zipper in the back – it brings fluidity to the way legs are seen , especially when wearing high jeans. 

O U T F I T : 

Full H&M pieces. 

Sunglasses : Ray Ban Polarized. 


-A 💎. 

Open for Feedback :)

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