Minimalism from head to toe – Køge Strand , Denmark 🇩🇰

My first working 1st May ; insane, right ? 😂 

I could say there is a small change from grilling & drinking until 5 AM to waking up at 5 AM (this holiday is S A C R E D for Romanians ; basically it’s a partying marathon back home 🍻). 

But it didn’t matter , because as soon as I got out we spent our cozy Sunday and my invisible Easter (yea,that too 😅)  chilling on the beach of Køge ; I couldn’t wish for anything else. 

Situated 45 km south of Copenhagen , Køge Strand became my first checkpoint for a bath this summer ; the water is so clear ! 

The area itself is rural , quiet and simple – perfect for a break from life ; and the weather was unreal . 18 degrees , really ? This is S U M M E R already 🌞. 

The Scandinavian minimalism is definitely my style ; it is so pleasant to the eye and comfortable, and you can complete it with just a few accessories. Also , I would strongly recommend taking in consideration the hair colour – it can become an accessory itself. 

And if it comes to colours , the North doesn’t have a large gama of shades , but you don’t need anything else !  Pick your fav from earthy pastels  , beiges , very light / very dark brown , grey , white & black. ⚪️⚫️

O U T F I T :

Beanie : NewYorker. 

Sunglasses : RayBan Polarized,Dark Brown. 

Leather jacket : H&M. 

Long-knit dress : H&M. 

Clutch : Victoria’s Secret. 

High-flats : H&M. 


-A 💎. 

Open for Feedback :)

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