Lexie’s Guide : The Travel Makeup Bag 💄

Well, I’m not a makeup guru but I do like to swim sometimes in my pool of cosmetics 😇 (like every other woman ,right?). 

I’m the ‘nudes’ type. No strong colors , pastels only ,beige & mauve. Now that I think about it ,I’m pretty sure I’ve worn red lipstick only once in my whole life – lol ?! 😂. 

Now ,our London trip is close and ,since I can’t pack everything I want to (💔) , here is my mini-makeup kit for travels and pretty much my all time favourites. 

Skincare : Olay Double Care Day Cream/Primer & Night Cream. 

*Tip : look for a daycream which is also a primer. 

Eyecare : Olay Regenerist Eye & Lash Treatment. 

Concealer : MaxFactor Mastertouch – Beige 309. 

Foundation : L’Oréal Infallible 24h – Amber 300

*Tip : your foundation should have minimum SPF 5 or use solar protection before applying makeup. 

Setting powder : Rimmel London Stay Matte – Pink Blossom 002

Bronzing powder : MaxFactor – Bronze 02

Shimmer : Rimmel London Sun Shimmer – Bronze Goddess 002

Eyeshadow : Rimmel London Glam Eyes – Smokey 002

Eye crayon : Yves Saint Laurent Waterproof Eye Pencil – Black 

Eyeliner : W7 ‘Aye-Aye Captain’ Liquid Eyeliner – Very Black 

Mascara : L’Oréal False Lash Superstar – Black

Lipcare : EOS Lipbalm – Blueberry & Açai

Lipliner : Rimmel London ‘1000 kisses’ Contouring Pencil – Tiramisu 050

Lipstick : Maybelline ColorSensational – ChocoPop 750, Pink Brown 620 / L’Oréal ColorRiche – Rose Tendre 303

Lipgloss : Christian Dior ‘Addict’ Gloss – 382

You can check out the fresh day-look with a tint of smokey on Instagram (today’s posts) using Pink Brown on my lips. 
Keep posted. Next-up : my travel skincare kit 🌬. 

Love ,

-A 💎. 

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