Lexie’s Guide : The Ultimate Skincare Kit πŸŒ¬

As promised , I’m back with my bodycare travel kit and much more. 🌬 

You know the restrictions applied when travelling by plane (my travel kit isn’t much of a deal) , but the at-home collection .. Now this is something I have to share ❀️.Β 

*The day&night skincare, eye-treatment and lip hydration are mentioned in the previous article.Β 

The travel-bag items will be marked with ‘πŸ‘œ’.Β 

Face cleanse :Β 

  • Garnier Micellar Water
  • L’OrΓ©al Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

Face mask : Β Montagne Jeunesse Dragon Fruit Sauna & T-Zone Peel Off (πŸ‘œ).Β 

Hand cream :Β Vaseline – Original Pure Petroleum Jelly (πŸ‘œ).Β 

Body cream & lotion : Β 

  • Vaseline Intensive Care – Aloe Soothe & Cocoa Radiant
  • Victoria’s Secret – Secret Charm , Sheer Love , Coconut Passion , Sunrise Limited Edition
  • Dove DermaSpa – Uplifted & Goodness 3Β 

Body mist : Victoria’s Secret – Pure Seduction , Coconut Passion , Secret Charm & Sheer Love.Β 

Body butter :Β 

  • Victoria’s Secret – Mango Temptation (πŸ‘œ)
  • DermaV10-Cocoa Body Butter

Tan :Β 

  • L’OrΓ©al Sublime Bronze – Light
  • Garnier Ambre Solaire – Dry Mist SPF 10 & AfterSun Gel

Hair protection : TRESemmΓ© Heat Protection & UV Filter (πŸ‘œ). Β 

Hair styling :Β 

  • Matrix Proforma Hairspray
  • Kerastase Baume Hairwax (πŸ‘œ)

Hair serum :Β 

  • Matrix Oil Wonders (πŸ‘œ)
  • Syoss Beauty Elixir

Nail polish : Revlon Enamel / from left to right – Buttercup 100, Bare Bones 300 , 1000 Volts , Chameleon 933, Fashionista 471 & Mysterious 460. (πŸ‘œ)

Freshness : Dove 48h – Go Fresh,Silk Dry , Invisible Dry & Beauty Finish.Β 

These products really work and they have shown amazing results, but don’t forget that a healthy look comes from a healthy body ; if you take care of yourself maybe you won’t need half of all these stuff , but well , we are women .. πŸ˜‡.Β 

And Y E S , I am Victoria’s Secret’s most loyal customer. πŸ›

Until next time ladies.Β 

-A πŸ’Ž.Β 

Open for Feedback :)

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