Comfy fashion 👟

The beach is the most appropriate place-to-be on a sunny Sunday, and a few super-comfy pieces are the most appropriate clothes to wear 🌊. 

The cropped hoodie , super-skinny high jeans and the high-flats are all H&M pieces,perfectly suited for the ‘grab-the-first-clothes-you-see-and-get-out’ moments. Also super comfy !! ☁️ The hoodie has a very fluffy lining.   

And what’s an outfit without the sacred b a g ? In this case , a Victoria’s Secret Leopard shoulder bag. Really spacious btw 👍🏼. Complete everything with some dark RayBans to cover the bags under the eyes and that’s it ! 

Ready to go 🎉. 

No one said comfort clothes should be ugly ! The better you look,the better you feel 😇 (this goes for   a l l   women ). 

P.S. T h a n k   y o u  babe for such an amazing,chill time ❤️. 


-A 💎. 

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