VS Summer Essentials 💗

As I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed, my love goes deep down for Victoria’s Secret. Not just a brand, more like a lifestyle. 👏🏼

June caught us chilling on the beach, giving the perfect opportunity to introduce you to my VS summer essentials : 🌞🌊  

The VS Beach Blanket  & High-Neck Keyhole One Piece

Vanilla Lace / Amber Romance Hand & Body Cream

SunKissed Sand Scrub & SunKissed Wave Spray

The wave spray is definitely a ‘Must-Have’ when it comes to beachy hair. 

Navy Tie Dye Cami & Short Set

As I mentioned above, the products are really affordable and the quality is insane ! I use VS skincare for years now, still my fav ❤️. You should follow their Instagram account and check their latest products & offers or head directly to their website and knock yourself out there ! 💎. 

Quite often, they have huge promotions like : 

If you live outside the US, you might face some extra-expenses with the duties,taxes and the shipping. 

*Tip : When you go online VS shopping, check first for a delivery offer – example attached below. You migh spare a bra or two. 

*Tip : For a casual outfit , mix the swimsuit with some high-shorts and sandals (H&M in my case). 

The knit on top is handmade with love by babe’s grandma 💕. 

See you soon with a summer ‘improvise’ post ; I’m sure you’ll find it useful 👍🏼. 

Love ,

-A 💎. 

Open for Feedback :)

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