Comfy fashion #2 – Ishøj Strand , Denmark 👟🇩🇰

Another day,another beach to discover. 

Denmark is back to its windy habits, leaving me no choice but to abandon the short pants in the closet (😢). I had a high navy-blue pair I really wanted to put on today ; but once we arrived at the beach and found ourselves basically in the middle of hurricane Katrina I didn’t quite regret my call anymore 😅.  

Today you’re coming with me to Ishøj Strand ; located south of Copenhagen, this classic Danish beach has 2 HUGE parking lots-which I consider a great advantage,this being a problem we meet pretty often in our trips. 

Today’s surprise : the reflux. And let me say, it came with some nice views. 

Check out the photo below. See the stairs ? The sea used to get to the first one ; now look where the waves crash. Insane , right ? 💙

Another funny thing : 3 days ago I could only do a french braid and a fishtail, and now I’ve mastered my braiding skills. No kidding ! 😂 I was thinking about doing something with my hair ; like a change, but not shorter. Just different. So I started watching tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest – easiest shit ever , swear. In my mind it looked so complicated .. 

Regarding my outfit, H&M is here to help as always; I have to say the sneakers are my #1 because their weight is basically 0,001 g. I can’t feel them, totally the most comfy shoe pieces ever. 👟

Also,the hoodie was stolen from babe’s closet. It just fits everything so good, and since it’s like 10 sizes bigger I consider it my definition of ‘cozy’. 

Even though I’m not quite the universal-phrases-on-my-tshirt kind, this one got in my closet due to my appreciation for N.W.A. 

I’m not gonna start a story about them now, but shortly explained – they were the first band to have a ‘Parental Advisory-Explicit Content’ mark on their videos. 🔞

One more thing : check out Cover Kingdom and their Instagram account. I received such a cute gift from them, it made my day ! Totally my type of summer case. 

See the detail where the earphones should plug in ? I love that ; that’s something new and different and it gives the chance to individualize your phone even more. 


Promise to see you next time with a new braid. 😁


-A 💎. 

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