Skinny Tips #2 : Start with the inside 

Recently I had a skinny-talk with a work colleague, and at the end of our conversation she advised me to share my knowledge with you. 

Well,here I am ! 😁 And today I wanna tell you how easy it is to lose the extra-kilos or maintain a stable weight with Mother Nature’s help.  

Before starting, I have to say that even though my body reacts beautiful to this lifestyle,you may not reach the same conclusions ; maybe the lemons will cause you acid, anothers feel sick from the coconut water. I am not promoting anything right now,it’s not something I’m advising you to do; this is my lifestyle and right now I am simply sharing it with you 😊. 

So,to start,the first on the list is the  Lemon Water 🍋. 

I could spend a whole day telling you its benefits,but these below are reasons for the common use : 

  • it aids in digestion & detoxification ;
  • boost of Vitamin C,energy and mood ;
  • helps the body in producing collagen ,therefore it rejuvenates the skin ;
  • awesome weight loss tool. 

For me it’s the first thing in the morning. The 2nd,actually. I drink a glass of cold water first for hydration and to get out of the sleepy phase.(You should really try this too). 

After that, squeeze 1 lemon to get its juice and mix it in a glass of hot water. I’m doing this for almost 2 years now because it basically disolved the fat under my skin; besides that,I felt an overall improvement on my body since starting. 

We go on with the Detox

I don’t mean the detox teas you noticed on my feed (those are also really awesome) but one day of detox per week. It’s 2016, people work,get busy,eat fast and when they remember – McDonald’s get my visit several times a month, for example 😂 – and the toxines build up in time in our bodies; the liver starts to have a hard time processing things as alcohol & fast food and we start to gain weight. 

Tip * : Drinking alcohol is like drinking liquid sugar. I won’t be the one not drinking at a party, but I’m avoiding it in any other case. 

Since waking up to going to bed , try :

  • drinking coconut water (do this everyday if you can and as much as you can);

  • eating fruits rich in antioxidants (strawberry,raspberry,blueberry,blackberry,cranberry,grape,mango,apple,cherry);

  • try making all your meals consist only of fruits and vegetables & include lots of pineapple to burn fat. 

  • stop being lazy and do a nasty workout. 

Tip : 

  • You should have your last meal at least 3 hours before going to sleep;
  • Try having an organised eating schedule. You’ll see results much faster 👍🏼. 

All you have to do is squeeze that lemon for 21 days and it becomes a habit ; did you know that’s all it takes ? 

21 days. Get up,do it right,do it again. 🔛


-A 💎. 

Open for Feedback :)

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