Monthly Favourites – June,2016 🌞

Good morning awesome readers 🌞☕️. 

Just finished my Chocolate Cappuccino and I’m trying to make some courage to wash the dishes – was too lazy last night. 

To be honest,even now I’m stalling with the last episodes of Gossip Girl’s Season 5 ; must be the 100th time I’m watching this series.  

Now, if you wanna be lazy with me, I’m giving you an excuse  : check below my fav hair & beauty products for this month 💎. 

REVLON ColorStay – Longwear Nail Enamel

Just added 2 more shades to my collection , Wild Strawberry & Jungle 💓. 

SHU UEMURA Art of Hair – Volume Maker,Invisible Texturizing Powder

Offers instant root-lift and texture of the hair ; the brush controls the powder distribution really well, and the button on the end releases a proper amount of powder. 
Haven’t noticed any dandruff problems so far. 
Tip* : It can also be used as a dry shampoo. 

– Elixire Ultime 

It’s only the 5th day I’m using this oil, but it already has a special place on my nightstand. 

Containing Maize Oil, Pracaxi Oil, Camelia Oil and Argan Oil, this new formula provides the ultimate hair nourishment,softness and shine. 

Bonus : Elixir Ultime also offers thermal resistence and reduces the split ends ; and regarding the oil’s texture,it doesn’t even feel like one. It’s mostly just something you spray on your hair,non-greasy. 

Just shake it a bit for proper usage and visible results. 

Tecni Art- Stiff Pommade

I love this wax by the way you can constantly correct and restyle your hair. It leaves a natural look on it and gives flexibility. 

Besides,it has a unisex scent, so it’s suited for both men and women. 

Sublime Bronze – Express Mist

In order to have a natural & equal tan, you need to do 4 things when using the Express Mist : 

  1. Shave ;
  2. Exfoliate ;
  3. Moisturize ;
  4. Keep around 40cm distance from the body when spraying it. 

I really tried a ton of self-tanning methods (since Denmark doesn’t really give me the opportunity to get all chocolate and stuff ☁️) and this one girls, is gold – it’s not sticky ! Dries basically in a second. 

Even when fading,the tan looks natural. Impressive ! 

L’OREAL Age Perfect – Cell Renaissance Day & Night Cream

Even though it sounds like a 40+ product,its purpose is to heal the tired and dull skin.

The daycream comes with a fast regenerating action & SPF 15, and the night cream stimulates the surface skin cell renewal. Can’t wait for a couple more weeks to see deeper results. ❤️ Did I say how much I love the golden design ? 

Sublime Soft – Skin Perfecting Velvety Toner

The first thing I have to mention regarding this product is the awesome smell of rose-water. Plus, it removes impurities, tones skin and contains softening actives. 

Hypoallergenic, parabens-free, this toner is suited for dry & sensitive skin, but if you live in a windy country like 🇩🇰 just feel free to use it. This kind of climate causes a lot of drying and sensitivity problems. 

Extra Full Freezing Spray

I discovered the freezing spray some months ago and totally fell in love. Used the ‘Mega Hold’ from Matrix so far, now switched to ‘Extra Full’. 

The thing that makes this kind of fixation product so special to me is the flexibility of the hair after using it ; I can totally work with it, it’s not sticky or glued all together. It’s just staying in place. 

And this ‘Extra Full’ Spray absorbs the scalp oils,provides UV Protection, 24h humidity-resistance and 24h frizz-fighting. 

Just what we need 💁🏼. 

Hope you found something suited for you ❤️. Back soon with more ! 


-A 💎. 

Open for Feedback :)

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