Hair ‘Must-Haves’ for Beachy Days 🌞🌊 – Monthly Favourites, July 2016

Days spent at the beach give the best opportunities to show our hair’s natural beauty. Beachy waves, light braids ..
All we need is to make sure our hair is healthy and well-taken care of ; I mean, it wouldn’t look that good otherwise.

Soo, as you noticed Santa drops a bit more often by my place, and this last time I got some products that could really solve some of our sun-damaged-dried-hair problems.  

Just take a look below : ⬇️

Kérastase Discipline Oléo-Curl

If you have a moody hair, you definitely need this curl-product.

For example, I have days when my hair is straight as a line or days when is curly like I just got out from the salon ; the curly days are the problem. 👎🏼

Oléo-Curl leaves a defined look on the hair and the curls feels smooth ; such a natural feel. And it’s anti-frizz btw. 👏🏼

Apply on washed hair and spread it on the length. Leave in.

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus

This fortifying mask is all in one ; everything we need. The magic potion. I don’t even know how to call it anymore 😂.

Just watch ; it :

  • Detangles hair ;
  • Restores internal strength and shine ;
  • Prevents breakage ;
  • Heals split ends ;
  • Repairs pretty much any kind of damage done to your hair.

Redken claims that after 3 applications it should get 96 % stronger.
M a g i c. ✨

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream

Another must-have mask.

The Heavy Cream is meant to help your hair regain strength and softness ; it delivers insane moisture and helps a lot with the frizz-a neverending issue for me.

The hair is so so shiny after using this one, feels just like applying a keratin treatment.

Tip : let this one work for 15-20 min. 

Shu Uemura Cotton Uzu

Now, this is basically a very liquid hairwax suited for wavy or curly hair.

It’s really nice because it leaves such a natural shine and doesn’t look or feel sticky at all ; great for coloured-hair too !

Matrix StyleLink Shape Switcher

Exactly what it’s called : a shape switcher. Makes any hairdo look flawless. Opposite to the wax above, this one has a satin finish.

Hold level : 5.

Redken Color Extend Sun – After Sun Conditioner 

After a hot day at the beach, your hair soaks in some sun and in big doses it’s damaging. If you have it dyed, the damage is double.

This conditioner keeps your shade vibrant and your hair shiny, healthy-looking.

I usually leave it in 10-15 min.

Big shoutout to all these above. 🔝
It’s like I can’t believe how nice and qualitative the products can be, and the next time I get a delivery is like I’m impressed all over again.


-A 💎.

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