Fall Fashion in Mid-July 🍁

Black is timeless and beautiful. Poetic. 

Is modesty and arrogance at the same time. Quoting Yohji Yamamoto, ‘above all, black says one thing : I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.’ 

And it’s insanely true. 

Now, I don’t get to sing ‘Hot summer nights,mid-July’ because..well, Denmark 😅 ; so for today, I decided to go all autumn & all black. And some colour here and there. 

R. has developed a skill in shooting the so-called ‘infinity legs’ ; atta boyfriend. 

I don’t usually wear lots of accessories ; mostly I just find some minimalist outfits and look for some big pieces to blend them in. Like this vintage necklace, for example. 

If I remember well, it was a present for my 18th birthday from my beloved A. (love you lots❤️) but I just didn’t find the chance to wear it. And since I felt like being tall today (after I recalled owning the most comfy pair of heels ever), my outfit was pretty much done & screaming for black.

So I chose black. 

RayBan still remains my #1 choice in eyewear ; I really wish for each and every one of you to experience life through this sunglasses. 

It’s not just an accessory ; it’s healthcare, it’s a new perspective, it actually makes the life around you beautiful. 

*Got the crush on RayBan also from A. 

The outfit itself is pretty basic : everything black,everything skinny,high-waisted jeans. 
But that jacket baby .. 

You have no idea what that jacket means to me 😂. 

Short story : if I would be to design a leather jacket, it would look  e x a c t l y  like this one ; and I just popped into it in an H&M shop ! 

Got it the next second. 

I love his style so much. Everything on him says ‘I don’t give a shit’. 

And yup, he doesn’t. 

Enjoyed our free Monday together at the Botanical Gardens ; never seen this place so blooming before. ❤️

He obviously had his fun ..

.. and I made a friend meanwhile. 🌴

O U T F I T : 

Sunglasses : RayBan Polarized | SHOP HERE (The pair I own is custom-made. If you like my design, choose :

  • Black frame ;
  • Trendy Brown temple ;
  • Dark Brown Polarized lenses ; (unfortunately, this shade of lenses isn’t available right now – pretty sure it’ll come back soon).

Jacket : H&M leather jacket

Top : H&M sleeveless top

Jeans : H&M high-waisted super-skinny jeans

Heels : Leonardo ankle boots


-A 💎. 

Open for Feedback :)

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