Comfy Fashion #3 – Vallensbæk Strand, Denmark 🇩🇰

Denmark decided to be sunny today.

And warm.

Which-although may seem normal to you-is really surprising ; the Scandinavian summer lasts about a week (which was a month ago), and I live in the ‘South’. Wtf happens in Norway ? 😂

Anyway, the beach of Vallensbæk is our haven for the day ; actually, we come here pretty often. Only 5 minutes by car from our place ❤️

Grilling spot checked ✔️. 

Seaweeds are often met on the Danish beaches, but don’t worry – they cover a small part of the shore. 

5 minutes before leaving I opened my closet and I didn’t see anything besides ‘Timisoara’ in the lower corner of the middle shelf. So ‘Timisoara’ it was.

The 3rd biggest Romanian city and an insanely-alive metropolis, this place holds some special memories for us, both together and individual. My first football game at the Romanian Cup back in 2008, his summer escape every single year, our first Valentine and our first holiday.. The memory lane is down the Bega river.

I think I should mention the bunch of relatives living there too. 😅

Behind this tee stands also a huge amount of love & respect for the brand, Porc-à-porter, and implicitly for its genius – Deliric. Romanians know what I’m talking about, and for the internationals to make an image .. Just think of him as a really true, no-filter voice.

Besides, the quality of his clothing line is INSANE 💎.

Quickly matched the tee with some high-waisted, black shorts (yes,high-waist again ; I’m not an ‘hourglass’ and my curves are really subtle, so this pieces help a lot in emphasizing that area), got the most comfy and stylish pair of flat-sandals I own (you’ve seen them before), activated my RayBan vision and day-at-the-beach, here we go ! 🌞🌊🐚

The oversized tee kinda lost its purpose once the weather hit 25ºC, some stripping happenned and I ended up in my favourite-so-far swimming top from H&M 👙💖.
And the charms !! Oh my, how could I forget the charms. Totally the accent needed on this outfit.

This weekend we plan to visit Bellevue Beach, a bit North of Copenhagen. So many people said it’s the nicest stop on the Danish Riviera, I actually became curious.

Keep posted 💌.


-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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