Denmark’s Best Kept Secret – Karlstrup Kalkgrav 🇩🇰

I don’t even know how to introduce this place to you ; I mean, I’m astonished.

This is Scandinavia. The hope for crystal-clear waters or an insanely blue lagoon was long lost – at least for me ; at least until yesterday.

Until we found PARADISE 💎.

Located in Karlslunde, this chalk pit gives some quite awesome experiences for the day. First you need to get to its base – after going down a couple dozen stairs through a mini-jungle. And from above, you don’t really expect much from this place.
But once you’re at the shore ..

What’s a trip without a squad ? ☠

I was dreaming of St. Barts when Karlslunde is 20 km from my place. 

Pano of our side of the shore.

It would be such a pity to ruin with words what a picture can tell 10 thousand times better.

It doesn’t happen often but yes, right now I am speechless.

Enjoy 💙.

As I said,  c r y s t a l – c l e a r. 💧

We ended the day in Vallensbæk (if you remember), with good music, nice people and a big big beach fire 🔥.

Bobo, photo credits all on you. 

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Keep posted.


-A 💎.

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