Kylie Cosmetics = L.I.F.E. 💄

November 2015 was the month that changed my make-up world for good : Kylie Jenner released her first 3 Lip Kit shades. And now, after many ‘Sold-out’ nights or ‘My shade hasn’t been restocked ?’ evenings, I finally got the 5 beauties I put my eyes on : Dolce K, Koko K, Exposed, So Cute & Heir. 💘

Nudes are  l i f e.

Now, this is my personal opinion and I am truly sorry if you don’t share it with me ; but these are-without a single doubt-the best lip cosmetics I ever tried.

  1. The matte finish is just matte, not dry-as many customers complained regarding this issue. At least my lips didn’t feel dry. They were just pleasantly non-sticky and velour-ish at touch. Try drinking lots of water ; being hydrated does a botox effect to your lips, bible ! Or take the shortcut, use some lip balm and put foundation on your lips-I’ve been using this trick pretty often.
  2. Super creamy lip liner, ultra-resistent and really easy to sharpen.
  3. Takes only a few seconds to dry. 
  4. Insane pigmentation. Such a strong colour with only one coat !
  5. Doesn’t go off. At least not when eating, drinking, smoking or kissing. The whole freaking day !
  6. Perfect for both day and night, depending on the rest of your make-up.
  7. The gloss is not sticky ; like, not at all. Feels really natural. And pumps the lips big-time.
  8. Awesome packing. And a lot of love shown for customers through her note.
  9. All-day-lasting vanilla scent. 

And now some swatches :

Exposed – Matte Lip Kit

Exposed is that one shade I’ve been searching for since like, forever. Is that warm nude, in skin tones, which goes with anything, anytime. 

My #1 ! ❤️

Koko K – Matte Lip Kit

The perfect baby pink. 

Dolce K – Matte Lip Kit

The secret of Dolce K is that you can create some nice mauve shades with it. 

Heir – Metal Matte Lipstick

So Cute – Gloss

Proudly showing my nude collection, for which I’ve been dreaming since discovering lip cosmetics 😂❤️.

Since Kylie Cosmetics will most likely offer products for every single wing of make-up, I honestly plan to fill my bag only with her goodies. And some Anastasia BH here and there 😁.
As a customer, I’m super pleased with the products,their state and the pack itself, especially if we consider the fact that it has crossed an ocean.

Check out the new Birthday collection @ Kylie Cosmetics, all infused with gold.( ‘Lord’ and that makeup bag keep whispering .. 😅 )


-A 💎.

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