Copenhagen Fashion Week SS17 – Day 1 🇩🇰

Today I got to attend my first fashion week, and damn it felt good. I was so so proud of reaching this point after so little time.

Speaking of time, I have to say it’s more like a double-special day for me, actually ;

Experiencing Life is 6 months old today ! 6 months, 27 posts and almost 6.000 hits since I pressed ‘Create Website’ and I wouldn’t be here without you, guys.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT. ❤️ My readers are the best, ever.

Now coming back to our fashion week business, the one in Copenhagen just started today and man, it kicked off strong. I had the pleasure of attending Maikel Tawadros’ show and it was an unpredictable delight.

To be honest it’s not entirely my style, but I do appreciate his designs; some of the pieces are actually closet wishes. And the way that fabric moved along with the body, the functional minimalism and that nude, pastel and dark shades everyone knows I adore – Y E S , that’s something very pleasant to my eye.

Just take a look :

I LOVE this piece.

Tomorrow’s agenda : ‘Fashion as Art’ by Omi,  an exhibition combining the abstract and high couture, accompanied by limited collections of street couture. Omi is a brilliant artist, whose work can be seen in The Smithsonian Institute and ‘Vogue’, among many others, and he is the one who gave me this awesome chance. T h a n k   Y o u 🙏🏼.
I’m so excited for these days guys, can’t wait to show you more juicy stuff !

Lots of love,

-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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