Copenhagen Fashion Week SS17 – Day 2 🇩🇰

I’m back again with Fashion Week goodies, and this time is an expo.

Hosted by BAR25 (awesome location, gotta check it out), ‘Fashion as Art’ is an exhibit of pieces combining multiple artistic techniques; the result is   a m a z i n g.

Also took a glimpse at some pieces from Vogue Italia, Deux Paris & Saatchi Gallery London; check them out below.

The genius behind this exhibit is Omi; photographer first, but largely-skilled artist. 

My outfit is full H&M, comfy & minimalistic, with a Nordic touch brought by the braids. 😊

Those glasses are always on my nose and I think I’ve said pretty much everything about them, but still;

It’s always the small details ..

My experience at the Fashion Week was so useful. (I know it lasts only 3 days, but ‘almost-half-week’ wouldn’t sound as good 😅) This was new, and surprising and inspirational at a huge level ; walking the -surprisingly- sunny streets of Copenhagen with Fashion Events happenning all over, it was just thrilling. And to see people having so much freedom and courage and fun in exposing their style using the Fashion of 2016, it was just something so so fresh and cheerful to see.

Such an awesome day.


-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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