September got me like

Do you find change funny ?

I mean, day after day everything looks and feels the same; but what if you look deeper ?

I changed so much in the past couple years. And one small detail that has also changed is the preference for a certain season; didn’t notice until we started to collapse into fall though.

September got me like

Happiness was feeling rays of sunshine burning my skin, sunbathing half the day and swimming the other half. The cherry on top was the salty smell of my hair and (can’t deny it) the see-through, skin-showing summer fashion.

Now, don’t get me wrong -summer rocks, but this year it didn’t feel that rocking; that awesome; that time you wish for the entire year -and God knows I was wishing. (And no, it’s not because Denmark, we actually had a couple weeks of summer and I took maximum advantage of them 🌞.)

It’s because as soon as the leaves started to change colour, I started feeling more comfortable with the environment around me; as soon as I felt a crispy breeze, I ran to my closet and put up front all the cozy pieces and scarves (which I could not live without and represent my #1 must-have accessory 👏🏼); the next instant after realizing I woke up in September all I could think about was Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte which I never tasted, yet I’m absolutely sure it has an autumn flavour.

That warm coffee scent ☕️.

And the cuddling.
Oh, the cuddling.

I already imagined us with some Turkish Apple tea (Pickwick has it, best one yet), chilling while covered by our huuuge, fluffy, animal-print blanket, watching Harry Potter for the 1000th time. 🍵🍂

Took a second to understand that I started to love what I loathed; that summer was my teenage crush, but autumn fits the almost-adult me much better; that a rainy day doesn’t spoil anything, but gives the perfect chance to read a good book. Everything is dying in such elegance; it’s absolutely lovely to observe nature’s way of letting go.
I started to fall into fall; I’m already deep into it. September got me like crazy in love and super eager for the foggy morning walks.

Hometown vibes 🌻

Advice from all my heart : don’t wait for anything; don’t waste days, don’t take time for granted. Make your life a beautiful story and exhaust every single day of possibilities. 

Lots of love,

-A 💎.

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