Saturday in Sweden – Sankt Petri Church, Malmö 🇸🇪

It was around 9 AM when we all woke up; mother-in-law and R.’s grandma came to visit us for a short while; the one question for the day was ‘What should we do?’

The next second, mommy happily comes out of the bedroom saying ‘We’ll go to Sweden, that’s what we’ll do. Search for something to see or visit.’

And off we were 🇸🇪.

The bridge between Denmark and Sweden gives one hell of a view (of which I didn’t get enough yet) and this architectural masterpiece is built half above, half under the sea.

Our first checkpoint was Sankt Petri Church; around 700 years old, it beholds the largest wooden altar in Europe.

Tremendously beautiful, really.

Also, another (big) curiosity were the tombstones inside the church. Basically you’re stepping on dead people every second; the wealthy citizens of the old city of Malmö paid to have their tombs inside Sankt Petri, the oldest one being from the 1600s. ⚰

Built in a Baltic Brick Gothic style, the church has suffered following the 16th century Reformation; the interior walls were painted plain white.

At first, it felt a bit odd; I was always used with gold, brown and dark shades all around the walls, telling the Bible story in sequential pictures. But it felt so PEACEFUL, and that’s exactly how these places should feel.

Besides, the whole building design is simply Minimalism at its best, and you know how much I like the Minimalistic style. 👏🏼

The jewel of this church is the Trademen’s Chapel (Krämare Kapellet) with its original murals uncovered and preserved, along with the baptismal font made entirely out of silver.

This chamber has the Renaissance signature all over it.

Next stop: Malmö Castle 🇸🇪


-A 💎.

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