Monthly Favourites – September 2016 🍂

I don’t know about you guys (and I really hope you don’t share my feelings) but autumn is strongly settled in here.

The days are so short already! Anyway, there is a cozy feeling when collapsing into fall. 🍁

I’m back with another batch of goodies, check them out:

Kerastase Nutritive – Masque Magistral

Deeply nourishing, leaving the hair soft at touch, with a radiant shine and easing the detangling process; simply Kerastase 👍🏼.

Kerastase Resistance – Ciment Thermique

I fell in love with this baby; 85% LESS BREAKAGE !! An excellent leave-in treatment. Best to use on towel-dried hair.

Montagne Jeunesse – Shine Control Mask

You know I love a good mask, and Montagne Jeunesse has always been here to help.

Just like any other average woman, the T-zone causes troubles from time to time; recently, it started to get greasy.

Problem solved 😊.

Yves Rocher – Jardins du Monde / Pamplemousse de Floride & Grains de Café du Brésil


There, I said it.

I smell like coffee for the whole day after I shower, totally my fav!

Revitale – Collagen & Q10 Eye Gel Patches

There are 2 types of women: with fresh eyes and tired eyes. I’m the latter.

Say goodye to age signs & dark bags; stay with the patches for 20-30 minutes anytime you feel like it (don’t abuse though).  I do it once a day lately.

Redken Shades EQ – Gloss

Now, I didn’t actually have the chance to test this one; it works along with the Shades EQ Conditiong Colour & Shades EQ Cover Plus Brightening Conditioning Colour Cream and make a great substitute for hair dye.

If you don’t feel like committing to a permanent shade or just want a refresh on your current one, this demi-permanent treatment is just what you need. It takes like 20 minutes and delivers lots of shine, insanely intense colour and lots of conditioning.

*No ammonia*.

Schwarzkopf Country Colors – 66/Nougat Brown

It was about damn time; I had like 5 shades in my hair.

Getting the red out went much easier than I expected though; I stopped using red dye around June or July, washed the hair more often; around a month ago I applied a brown shade which-as expected-didn’t hide the red one, but now I totally got it covered.

*No ammonia*.

I just realised I didn’t do an outfit post in a while. I really think I should.

Streetwear or casual ?


-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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