Neighborhood – Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

Rain. So, so much rain. And foggy mornings; this month should be called Octobrrrr ☁️.

Not complaining though; it feels cozy. And the 9 o’clock fresh air just invited us outside for a walk- we cherish this kind of moments together. A lot.

Our sweet home stands (not so) tall in a suburb of Copenhagen, Albertslund. Danish people call this area ‘ghetto’ – man, if only they’d see the Romanian version of a ghetto 😂. Honestly, I think its because of the high number of internationals residing here.

Personally, I enjoy my time spent around the neighborhood. It’s quiet – except for the seagulls and crows; it’s always green – with gold & red shades in the fall.

It is simply cozy.

And I did my best to capture its natural beauty.

These 8 anorexic skeletons watch over the city hall; don’t ask, I really don’t understand 😅. Also, a preggo woman stands on a crucifix in the nearest park.

Odd, right ?


 Sunset in the neighborhood.

Had to put this picture on; that sunset was simply insane.

So, this is my neighborhood guys. Planning to come back with some shots of my hometown 🇷🇴.

Keep posted.


-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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