Malmundarium – Malmedy, Belgium 🇧🇪

Can 5 free days be called a ‘holiday’ ? If yes, even if the first and the last one are spent on the road ?

The answer is DEFINITELY 👌🏼. A break from life is always welcome.

Our mini-tour of North-Western Europe starts in Malmedy, Belgium.

Why here ?

Well, the city’s atmosphere for once. So old, so cozy, so chic.

Secondly, it’s all about history; Malmedy makes paper, leathers and furs for hundreds of years, pretty much for every single 1st world country.

Raw materials used in making paper.
Old paper-making machine.
Middle-ages printing machine.

Printing patterns (letters, numbers, signs).

They even put up a small cinema-room to explain the whole process. Attaboys 👌🏼.

Passing from papers to leathers, Malmundarium offers insights from the most rough to the most rafined form of leather and/or fur. All the colours and textures can be found here, from every possible origin. It’s like taking part in a ‘How it’s made?’ episode (awesome show).

Yep, that’s another mini-cinema for the ‘Leather & Fur’ section.

The Abbey of Malmedy is also an important historical part of the city. It’s unbelievable how well the antiquities below are preserved.

All the pieces are in an unbelievable good state.

What I loved most about the museum was the upper floor; it hosted an exhibit of a local artist, but it felt insanely cozy. It was like a huge, fluffy living room with art all over.

Looking through my eyes.

The Malmundarium is an unknown spot of living history. Whether you are curious or rather looking for a nice small-town walk, this is the place to be.


-A 💎.

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