Monschau – Germany 🇩🇪

Pretty much unchanged for 300 years, Monschau overwhelmes with its narrow, cobblestoned streets and traditional half-timbered houses.

Although this city used to be the most famous textile production center, that’s not what brought us here; ‘Northern Bavaria’ describes this place a bit. The fortress guarding the city from above, the hill offerring the most spectacular view & the big church with its clock.. It’s a fairytale. 🦄

Oh, the river. Must not forget the river.

Just take a look:

Homes of Monschau.
City centre shot, with the Church (left) and the Fortress (on the hill).
Church’s entrance.

It’s a nightmare to drive a car here.

And besides the city-walk, we took the dirty path too; totally worth it.
I wish I could explain how awesome this place makes you feel like.

Views from above. Going up the trail.

He’s always curious about something.

Monschau, I left my heart here forever. ❤️


-A 💎.

2 gânduri despre &8222;Monschau – Germany 🇩🇪&8221;

    1. Hello 😊
      I really think 3 days are enough in Monschau. You can visit the textile museums, if I remember well the most important is ‘The Red House’. After that, the trails in the woods surrounding the city. The walk to the fortress also. And don’t forget to enjoy the city itself. 😊
      Germany has really really good food.


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