The Japanese Garden of Hasselt – Belgium 🇧🇪

The biggest Japanese Garden of Europe crowns the city of Hasselt, located in Belgium 🇧🇪.

Built with help from the city of Itami, Japan over 20 years ago, this garden stands strong as a symbol of inner peace and natural beauty 🇯🇵.

Simply listening to the softly flowing water gives you such calm, chill vibes.

I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable walks ever. Word. Every path, every stone, tree or flower made us feel 100% in Japan.


We even found a corner just for us, to sit & chill a bit.

I love making memories with him.

So glad I can take you on tour with me. 😊

I’m so happy I’ve been here; so grateful. And it’s so exciting to be able to show the world how awesome their world is 🌍.

Don’t worry, the visit is not finished yet. You haven’t seen the waterfall, the Koi Fish families, the ‘foodcourt’ or the Japanese House.

The most awesome thing about this waterfall is that it has a stone-block made path that takes you right in the front of it.

It certainly feels magic.

You can keep walking on water while you admire the Koi Fish. This is, like, the most authentic piece in a Japanese Garden.

These creatures stand as a symbol of courage, strong character, strength and the ability to attain your highest goals in the legends of Japan.

Thanks Murad Osmann for inspiring the trend of the decade in photography 🙏🏼.

Now this, this is the kind of shot we laugh at but I end up loving it (as many others). Proudly Representing Porc-à-Porter 🐽.
Blending in with the background.
And most likely laughing at how fat those fishes are (swear they were huge).

Slim Shady.

Once you get over the lake, you end up in another section of the Garden, again drowned in Koi Fish (no wonder they grow so big, the tourists are always feeding them).

But this is where the fun part comes: demonstration of Japanese tea and some traditional food, anyone ?

There is a super chic, mini foodcourt that blends perfectly with the environment, and you can choose from a dozen types of sushi, rolls, rice with everything you can imagine and many, many more.

My first shot attempt.

But the tea part was my favourite. I even got to enjoy a cig in the crispy air of Belgium after it.

It felt so cozy. I’ve got the perfect Danish word to describe this feeling.


First Matcha Latte experience. He mixed the herbs with hot water and poured them at the bottom of the glass. Then added a bit of sugar, milk foam and some sugar again. The green sprinkles are Matcha Powder.
You don’t mix it, don’t drink it, but enjoy it with the teaspoon -both layers at once. The Matcha alone has a very strong green tea flavour.

The final stop was the Traditional Japanese House, where another tea demonstration was in process -this time, held by a Geisha.

Even though I’m the type of tourist that takes a shot of everything that seems pretty to the eye, this time I actually forgot to. Or didn’t want to. All I know is that I got lost in her beauty.

It was the first time in my 20 years when I actually saw an authentic, incredibly-gracious, woman-goals Geisha.

*Reminder: you need to take your shoes off before you visit the house, and make sure to grab some honey & ginger after. The floor is totally frozen and most likely you’ll catch a cold.

Or wait for the summer 🌞.

Still, got a shot on her way out though. Such a nice memory.

This is, like, a 3-metres-long kimono and YES, those are real, fresh flowers.

The way out was still welcoming.

This is a place where you come if you want to be happy; if you want a break from life; if you’re looking for a corner to hush away your thoughts.

Many TripAdvisor users were displeased with the fact that you have to pay the entrance (5€/person), but in my eyes it’s totally worth it. The Garden is really, really clean, the natural environment is very well taken care of, everything looks insanely healthy and beautiful, therefore I promise to visit again.

So looking forward to it.

Guys, the holiday posts still not over. We traveled like a migrating tribe for those 5 days 😂.


-A 💎.

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