Citadelle de Namur – Belgium 🇧🇪

At least once a month, go somewhere you’ve never been before. See a different place, get on a different highway, feel new kinds of vibes. It’s vital for your soul 🙏🏼.

Now, back to our post;

Watching over the city since 937, the Citadel of Namur represents one of Wallonia’s biggest heritage sites.

You can even find a mini-café with nice coffee, strong, black tea and homemade ice cream (the lime one left me impressed) ☕️🍵🍦.

The view over the city is speechless, and all I can say is that I’m absolutely jealous for not having spent at least a sunrise or a sunset in this place.

Passing the Citadel and following the road up the hill, we found a huge dirty-white building that seemed out of an AHS episode; not kidding.

That whatever-it-was looked spooky. And apparently, it was the city’s fav spot for chilling 🌿.

Baby ❤️.

Next up, we struggled to find Mama’s Turtle. It’s actually a huge copper statue covered in gold, symbol of the city, but we say it’s Mama’s because she got really attached to it when she was here before, and motivated us for, like, 2 hours in a row to keep looking for it; damn, that shit was hard to find !

On our way up the hill, we were surrounded by the city, layed down at our feet.

What a feeling.


When we finally reached the turtle, I was a bit dissapointed; I thought we were able to get closer. But apparently, the fence wasn’t there until not long ago. The problem was too many people were climbing and/or riding the turtle (*lmfao*).

What’s hilarious about this turtle is that it was supposed to be a temporary exhibition, but the city fell in love with it, the cityhall did not want to return it, so the citizens donated to buy the piece (named ‘Searching for Utopia’) from the original artist, Jan Fabre.

And, well, this was the holiday. Our holiday ❤️.

Exactly what we needed at exactly the right time.

I made one more hundred memories with you and I’m one hundred times happier.

Thank you for being my strongest pillar and my realest friend.

Love you,

-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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