Farvel Danmark 🇩🇰

This goodbye is complicated; it makes me insanely happy & leaves me half-heartbroken.

When you go to a new place, you get to know it; you start to love it and the people in it. And when you leave, you also leave a piece of your heart there.

That’s the beautiful curse of loving more places at one time: you miss them.

All I have left to say to you Denmark, is a big, big THANK YOU 🇩🇰.

•Thank you for teaching me how to handle people; mean, angry, lying or just trying to make my life harder.

•Thank you for showing me what home really feels like; started appreciating my hometown a lot more since I left it.

•Thank you for giving me the chance to live among a million people coming from all the corners of this world; most precious lessons: no matter if gay, white, black, muslim, atheist or any other label we put ourselves under,just be cool with someone and they will be cool too.

•Thank you for putting in my path one sunny day and then 20 shitty; I’ve become a strong woman & a tough bitch. If you didn’t put me down Denmark, I don’t know who will.

•Million thanks for showing me who my friends are; who cares about me; who has love or interests regarding me. So few people are true, but damn, they true.

•This is the last one Denmark, and this is the most valuable experience I’ve ever been through; I don’t have words to thank you or to express how grateful I am; grateful for all the hard times you put me through; grateful for all the rock-bottom moments I managed to go through; because every single second, he was besides me; through every shit, he stood besides me.

You made us both stronger and you made our relationship unbreakable. But oh, were you a bitch. The most maleficent, evil-spawned kind of bitch. And we learned our lessons; we found ourselves; we know what we want from this life & how we can get it.

We’ve had enough Denmark.

We’re going home.

Open for Feedback :)

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