A Piece of Heaven – The City’s Best GuestHouse 🇷🇴

At one point I mentioned my hometown has the best thermal waters in Romania and one of the best in Europe; yes, we are blessed ❤️.

Now, just in case you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, really far away from any sign of human activity and only 2 km away from the famous hot spring I’ve been telling you about, this is the place to be.

Willy GuestHouse offers 7 double rooms, each with its own bathroom and balcony. Downstairs you’ll find the kitchen, completely equipped with modern appliances. 

The dining space is upstairs and has a capacity of maximum 20 people, while the yard offers 5 picnic tables, equipped with grills and everything you need for our classic Bogrács.

(To be honest, the soup is actually called Gulas, Bogrács being the cauldron it is cooked in; the area itself is just used to using the latter.)

You can also find a playground for the children and a large parking lot in front of the house.

Just take a look :

The GuestHouse

The Dining Space

The Rooms

The Yard

There is so much more to come regarding this place ❤️. For bookings, call +40 749 617 398.

-A 💎.

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