Bringing the Winter Fashion Out ❄️

Sometimes, Romania feels colder than Denmark. We even had the first snow a couple days ago ❄️. Honestly, I’m hoping for a childhood-like winter; seeing the snowfall at night, drowning my feet in snow up to the knees..

It would be awesome 💙.

Now, even though I’ve been AWOL regarding fashion lately, I’m here with my first got-the-winter-closet-out post of the season.

I have one word for you, girls : KNITS.
Knitwear is everything; is sporty and elegant; insanely comfortable; ready to wear with both flats and heels.

And the biggest perk of all that it keeps you really, really warm. How could you not fall in love with it ?

The first time I put my eyes on this piece, my mind was like ‘oh I’m gonna look like a Teddy-Bear’; and this stuck with me.

The Teddy-Bear Outfit. It doesn’t even sound that bad; this would’ve been a nice title 🐻.

Kylie Cosmetics for life; using ‘Exposed’ Matte Liquid Lipstick here.

The choice for UGGs came out of a pure need for comfort. My boyfriend hates them; many boy friends expressed their dislike regarding this ‘swollen eskimo boots’ 😂.

But girls understand. Your foot is warm, the boots are fluffy and they weigh like, 0.01 grams. I swear, I think my phone is heavier than this pair of UGGs.

Simply brilliant.

One of the biggest perks of coming home was being able to shop Porc-à-Porter. You know the brand, you know I love it.

And since the delivery guy left an early Christmas-gift a few days ago, some streetwear posts are about to come, lovies.

After a short, well-deserved break, I’m back again. Stronger than ever, full of ideas and ready to give 110% for my awesome readers.

You guys, you deserve the best.


Knitwear : NewYorker

Long Knitted Dress : NewYorker

Super-Skinny High Jeans : H&M

UGG : Random shop in Berlin

Bag : Deichmann

Sunglasses : RayBan Polarized


-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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