Spring in November at The Citadel of Ardud, Romania 🇷🇴

Oh sunny days, how much I’ve missed you. 

Life is different when you get to see more than 5 hours of daylight 🌞. A big plus was the weather – 17° Celsius ?! In November ?! Come on, this day basically screamed ‘Roadtrip’.

And off we were.

The Citadel of Ardud watches over the city for more than 600 years, being also one of the strongest fortresses in Northern Transylvania.

This is all that’s left of it; 2 towers, lots of history and a legend, related to Vilma, the daughter of Prince Francisc Rákóczi II, Hungarian nobleman and Imperial Prince of Transylvania in the 1700s.

We even managed to go downstairs, where you can see the first stones of the fortress; this is the old, original wall.

How awesome !

The story says that lots of tunnels find themselves beneath the city of Ardud, spreading deep into the county and apparently that’s how Rákóczi managed to escape the Habsburgs; they sent an officer though, with the purpose of seducing Vilma and she divulged the secret of the tunnel.

Her father cursed her and it is said to haunt the tunnels ever since.

This place means so much to us; we used to come here, gather at night and just chill; both of us took our senior year photo sessions here (as well as the rest of the city, I suppose 😂) and it was so funny to pose in exactly the same spots again.

Such a reminiscent feeling.

There is one specific piece (ok, maybe 2) wanted to show you today and that is my beloved, most-wanted, oh-so-dreamed-of BOMBER JACKET ❤️.

This jacket is suited for any occasion; for both sunny and rainy days; wether is cold or warm outside; in case you feel like sneakers or heels.

This jacket is EVERYTHING. And I found it @ NewYorker ✌🏼️.

Yes, my hair is shorter; I finally got home and my hairstylist did her thing. No one else touches my hair, and I’m not kidding. I cut it 2 times since I left (August 2014), and each time was home.

Girls understand 😂.

The braids are a disease I can’t be cured of, though. Also, regarding that second piece I wanted to show you, please welcome the boot of the year: simple, classy, comfy. I’m insanely in love with it !

And it’s Deichmann babies; you can find it anywhere ❤️.

Enjoy your November Wednesday.


-A 💎. 

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