2017 Karma: 5 Things To-Do at Midnight ✨

What goes around, comes around; karma is not a bitch, is a mirror. What you do reflects your life and your future. 

So be good; do good. 

Text your friends and family, sending some love. Describe how much affection you have for them and what you appreciate in them. It’s all about sharing love! Just think of how much happiness you can bring in a human being with a simple text 😊. 

Make your loved one feel the most loved; love is beautiful when you’re the one to give it. A simple ‘Love you’ or ‘Looking forward to another year with you’ is priceless ❤. 

Let the bad shit go with this (almost) past year; focus on present; on today. On what you feel now. Be happy every second, ‘cause every second adds up 🙏🏼. 

Start to ignore more, stress less; what matters in this life: Health. Family. Friends. A good wine 🍷. 

Don’t forget to share as many New Year kisses as possible; sharing is caring 💋. 

Have an ah-mazing night my lovies, and make sure to start 2017 happy & peaceful. You guys, all of you, are my only wish  for this next year because I’m growing through and with your love 🥂✨. 

Yours truly, 

Open for Feedback :)

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