Christmas in the County – Satu Mare, Romania 🇷🇴

Yes, yes, I’m a bit late with the Christmas posting, but it’s the first time I get to sit in bed, doing absolutely nothing, since the holidaze; so good to be lazy 🙃. 

Today we are touring Satu Mare; although Tășnad is my hometown, when I was 14 I moved to the county capital and I’ve grown fond of the city. This is our home now; and I’m completely in love with it ❤. 

Our Christmas was exactly what we expected: old friends, good food, lots of cake, amazing wine, reminiscing & chilling throughout the last days of December; what else could I ask for ? 

I’m a blessed woman 🙏🏼. 

Our amazing friends had an ah-mazing Christmas Tree; natural, full of scent, INSANELY big 🎄.

Of course, she was around ❤.

It’s 2017 guys; can you believe it ? 


-A 💎. 

Open for Feedback :)

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