Kylie Cosmetics: The Sequel 💄. 

THANK YOU BABE for this insane, amazing, unbelievable, oh-so-wanted Christmas gift 🎄; you never cease to surprise me, especially when you try to understand my superficial, shallow needs 😂. 

Those being said, I’m back with a few more Kylie Cosmetics goodies, my babes ❤. 

Continuously feeding my hunger for nude shades, 4 incredible pieces were added to my beloved collection: 2 Matte Liquid Lipsticks, a Kyshadow Palette and the Brush Set. 

Maliboo – Matte Liquid Lipstick

A bit of grey & purple never hurt nobody! This cool-tone nude is totally my FAV right now ❤. 

Candy K – Matte Liquid Lipstick

Tried to put my hands on this warm, pinky nude for a long time; in my opinion, it is the most natural shade. 

The Bronze Palette – Kyshadow 

This one is called ‘DREAMS COME TRUE’; my love for browns and beiges makes this palette simply perfect & is totally what I wished for 😍. 

Once you get this palette, you also get 9 new best friends :

  • Jasper- Matte Creamy Beige;
  • Quartz- Satin Champagne Gold;
  • Topaz- Matte True Taupe;
  • Goldstone- Satin Bronze;
  • Citrine- Matte Bright Orange;
  • Tiger Eye- Matte Light Golden Brown;
  • Hematite- Matte Chestnut Brown;
  • Bronzite- Matte Chocolate Brown;
  • Obsidian- Matte Black.

The Kylie Brush Set 

This 5-piece brush set is ALL you need to achieve perfect eyes & brows. 

It contains: 

  • Flat rounded edge shader brush;

  • Tapered defining brush for detailed application; 

  • Short flat brush for smudging;

  • Medium rounded blending brush;

  • Large fluffy blending brush. 

    Nudes are life; said it before, said it again. A nude lip is super discreet, sexy AF and extremly natural, while making a strong impact at the same time. 

    And matte nudes are simply gorgeous. 

    Kinda insanely proud of my collection ❤.

    Did you girls try Kylie Cosmetics ? What’s your opinion 💋? 
    Looking forward to your responses 🖋. 

    PROMISE to come back with swatches and some Bronze Palette looks. Keep posted. 


    -A 💎. 

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