Words on Love

3 years ago today, I was taking the life-changing, mind-blowing decision to be with you; YOU. 

My forbidden fruit. 

It’s simply amazing how we developed both our friendship and love; the amount of respect and care we have for each other; how I taught you to make Bolognese and how you were my driving teacher. 

We changed a lot babe; remember how everyone says ‘Guys, you’re so lucky to have each other!’ ? 

I think that we were lucky to meet, but it was not luck that kept us together; it was hustle. Patience. Insane amounts of understanding and love. Balance in our differences. The ability too see each other’s flaws and accept them. Recognizing all the fears and insecurities and knowing our role was to comfort one another. 

We are real f***ing hustlers. 

3 years ago we drank a (couple of) glass(es) of wine and an hour later, I was finding myself in your arms. Today is the 14th of January 2017, early-Saturday morning, and I’m finding myself in your arms again, drinking the same red wine in the same old flat that witnessed our beginnings. 

Besides THANK YOU and LOVE YOU I have nothing left to say babe. My life is in a beautiful place only because of your love. 

Forever yours, 

-A 💎. 

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