Yves Rocher Love

Hello Babies ! 

January was a life-carousel for me; so many unexpected things happened. But, as always, I’m here again; this blog is keeping me sane, I swear. 

Today we are talking about my love for Yves Rocher ❤. What’s so special about it though ? 

THE SCENT. And the fact that the formula contains natural ingredients in insanely high quantities (95% +); the recyclable bottle; the neutral pH; the lack of parabens. Should I say more ? 

I mostly use the shower-gels from this brand, and I’ve grown fond of it after I noticed my arms were still scented a day after taking a bath. In my book, only Victoria’s Secret could accomplish this so far. 

So, of course, I became an Yves-Rocher maniac 😂. 

Below you have my fav choices from the Rocher shower-gel gama; they smell amazing, Bible. 

Raspberry & Peppermint 🌿
Mango & Coriander 🍃
Argan Oil (99%)
Florida Oranges 🍊
Lotus Flowers from Laos 🌸
This is my beloved one ! Coffee Beans from Brazil ☕️
Btw, did you know Axe has collections for women ? And they go as far as 2012 ! I’m so ashamed for not being aware of this. 

Just got a gel that says ‘Anarchy for Her’ and I was like ‘wtf?’ 😂. 

Until next time babies. 

-A 💎. 

Open for Feedback :)

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