Kylie Cosmetics: The Bronze Palette 👁. 

As promised, I’m back with swatches and with some Bronze Palette looks; and before we begin, I really really wanna show you my lip collection so far. 

Top to bottom: So cute/Maliboo/Heir/Exposed/Dolce K/Candy K/Koko K


My bestie for example, she says she only likes Pink shades and that a more neutral tone wouldn’t fit her that good; couldn’t disagree more 😂.

Regarding the Bronze Palette, I have 3 super-minimalistic looks to show you, which I deeply love, and a swatch. Just take a look: 

Top to bottom: Obsidian/Jasper/Quartz/Topaz/Goldstone/Citrine/Tiger Eye/Hematite/Bronzite

Bronzite + Tiger Eye

Candy K lips.

Hematite + Jasper + Quartz

Exposed lips.

Jasper + Goldstone + Obsidian 

Maliboo lips.

I simply cannot wear heavy make-up; why correct Mother Nature’s brush ? 

Looking forward to see your Kyshadow looks 💖. 


-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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