Best of New York Fashion Week-Autumn/Winter 17/18 🇺🇸

Calvin Klein

Titled ‘Parade’, Raf Simons’ first collection for Calvin Klein pays a big homage to America itself, hitting the reset button on the iconic brand.


Iridescent and galactic prints, space motifs, 90’s street vibes.

Jonathan Simkhai 

This collection was all about delivering strength, power and equality for women, especially since every front-row guest received a T-shirt that said ‘FEMINIST AF’.


Emphasizing the body curves and shapes through gentle lines and cuts.

Jeremy Scott

The creator of funky, funny & fresh designs seemed angry in his latest collection; post-Trump rage? 

Alexander Wang

Same old Wang.

Victoria Beckham

Quoting the designer, ‘I have always been about empowering women, and that’s never felt more relevant than it does this season. With everything that’s going on right now, it’s not easy to be a woman today. It’s not about body con any more, it’s about consciousness of the body, emancipation with optimism and feminity with a practical streak.’

The Row

Effortlessly luxurious, without politically-inspired statements; this brand is too refined for this type of loud messages.

Carolina Herrera

Bringing back an almost bucolic atmosphere, like the one that reigned in the early 20th century prairies. 

Michael Kors

Quoting the designer again, ‘I grew with a lot of strong ladies and wanted this whole collection to be about strength and sensuality combined.’ Veterans like Amber Valetta and Isabeli Fontana walked along the younger set, while the voluptuous Ashley Graham flaunted her curves in a knit dress under a short fur jacket.

The primary message is loud & clear: let’s hear it for all kinds of women, both sensual & strong.

Marc Jacobs

Jacobs itself said the collection was inspired by a documentary called ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’. What to wear next Fall according to him ? Fur-collared jackets, retro platforms; every single shade of brown; hats with personality. 

What should we learn from this last collection ? That track pants go with just about everything and that if you’re going to wear jewelry, it might as well be bling.

Proenza Schouler

The iconic brand paid homage to the city of New York and the downtown women they’ve long seen as muses, especially since this was the last show in the Big Apple. Starting with the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, Proenza Schouler moves to Paris Fashion Week. 

Zadig & Voltaire

Artistic director Cecilia Bönström, Swedish who has been a Parisienne for 25 years, declared backstage: ‘I was imagining the Parisian woman picking up the energy of the cool New York woman.’

Yeezy Season 5

Introducing Kanye West’s 5th collaboration with Adidas and his refreshing view on-guess-DENIM 💙.

Anna Sui

The idea of luxury and joie de vivre is fresher than ever.

Next up: London Fashion Week 🇬🇧.


-A 💎.

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