Best of London Fashion Week-Autumn/Winter 17/18 🇬🇧

Versus Versace 

Sportswear is the future-Donatella Versace made it perfectly clear last season, and now she’s back with a lineup of easy, street-y pieces, all delivered to a thumping techno beat.


The wind of change blows around the British fashion house with Christopher Bailey shifting directions; Burberry loves color, and this collection came mainly in black, white, gray and a faded blue. Also, Bailey reimagined the modern ideal of beauty through his shaping of shoulders and breasts; what’s next ?


For the first time, Osman Yousefzada kept it real and casted models off the street, using friends and collaborators in his show. The designs are meant to be easy, everyday wear.

Christopher Kane

Expressing a ‘tougher feminity’, the designer combined traditional fabrics with futuristic silhouettes that resulted in a quirky, youthful lineup, unmistakably Kane.

Ashley Williams

The quote Williams chose to open her show notes is ‘Go unto the garden, go under the ivy, under the leaves, away from the party.‘ This collection is basically a stealthy exit from a night out; an incognito way to escape from a party. 

Fyodor Golan

Bold, vibrant, playful- this collection is the definition of exuberance.

Teatum Jones

Entitled ‘The Body | Part One’, this collection celebrates diversity; literally. 2 of the models on the runway had visible disabilities; the founders, Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones have decided to launch a focus on disability fashion.

Next up: Milan Fashion Week 🇮🇹.

-A 💎.

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