Best of Milan Fashion Week-Autumn/Winter 17/18 🇮🇹

Max Mara

When we say ‘Max Mara’, all we think about is ‘fantastic coats, season in and season out’. That’s the truth; to a large extent, is what people want from the brand. 

In the end, all i can say is that women lucky enough to own such pieces can definitely wear them forever.

Diesel Black Gold

Nostalgia is not a feeling normally associated with Diesel’s vision, yet for some reason, Andreas Melbostad felt a bit reminiscent. 

Quoting the designer, ‘I was thinking about my years as a student in London, the mid-’90s. It was a time of raw, essential energy.. I was a big fan.’

Bottega Veneta

One word: SHOULDERS. 

Tomas Maier proved the major focus, anchoring a lean silhouette that projects power-woman determination, is-surprisingly-the shoulder.

Emporio Armani

As tempted as I am to describe this collection as 104 shades of grey (yes, 104 looks in just one show), red and fuchsia also made their appearances. 

The number of outfits simply reveal the vastness of the retail empire and the humungous inventory of clothing that must be produced to fill its racks and shelves.

It is, after all, Armani.

Giorgio Armani

Plissé skirt-tapered pant hybrid ? Yes, please. In all the years Armani has been putting his stamp on suits, it’s pleasantly surprising to see a new key-concept of his show. It will catch on.

The abundance of soft fabrics suggests that the Italian House, like many others this season, is prioritizing comfort.


‘No fairytales!’, proclaimed Karl Lagerfeld backstage at Fendi. Indeed, reality-based high chic is more than enough.

By the time Paris is finished, this looks will probably stand as some of the best this season. 


Ecletic, romantic. Gucci.

Alberta Ferretti

A beautiful journey between dream and reality;’Made in Italy’ creativity. The canals of Venice turned into prints, the Lion of San Marco into an embellishment- it’s all about the richness and mystery of the Italian heritage. 

Long live Alberta Ferretti.

Emilio Pucci

A little fringe goes a long way.


All eyes are on Donatella Versace right now, with rumours swirling that former Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisci, might be taking over at her brand.

This season-like many others before-talks. And it talks strength, power and empowerment. The pieces were splashed with all-caps messages of EQUALITY, LOYALTY, COURAGE and UNITY. 

Basically, Donatella delivered a show that, once again, revealed the quintessential Versace DNA: sex, strength, supermodels.


‘Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer,’ Miuccia Prada once told The Telegraph. This last collection featured prints pulled from the ’60s paperback novels, great inspiration coming from Murder and the Married Virgin or Never Kill a Client. 

Apparently, the designer wants women to feel beautiful & killers at the same time; she just gets us. 

Last one to come: Paris Fashion Week 🇫🇷.


-A 💎.

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