Best of Paris Fashion Week-Autumn/Winter 17/18 🇫🇷

Maison Margiela

John Galliano’s Fall collection kept the Margiela tradition of a far-from-boring show; feathers as make-up and handbags as hair accessories -every single accent was far from the usual.


Fresh perspectives; precision, sculptural tailoring, feathers & bling – the silk flowers, jewelled embellishments and almost-monochromatic palette made this catwalk quintessentially French.

Paco Rabanne

Such strong urban-chic aesthetics! The reinvention of notorious Disc-o-Rama dress (which made founder Paco Rabanne famous in the late ’60s), the sharpy tailored pants, cropped sweaters, fitted tops or the relaxed suits definitely assembled one of Rabanne’s most intriguing collections so far.

Christian Dior

Feminism, feminism, feminism. Since her debut as creative director last season, Maria Grazia Chiuri delivered her own type of female empowerment manifesto. For the Fall collection, she returned to the fashion house basics; navy blue came out as the strongest shade, with military vibes all over. No wonder she chose this specific colour- in his 1954 book, ‘The Little Dictionary of Fashion’, Christian Dior wrote ‘among all the colors, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black-it has all the same qualities.’


Rousteing’s push for diversity has been dedicated to celebrating all sorts of ethnicities; shades of black, brown & gold were layered up in mohair knits, supersized sleeveless vest coats, tie-dye tees and dresses and snakeskin legging boots. 

The Balmain Army WOWed once again, and personally, I’m in love with this Fall collection. 

*Personal fav*



Elie Saab

Dark romantic luxury, plenty of lace & velvet.. Elie Saab.


Virgil Abloh considered this fall collection to be a turning point in his 4-year-old label; ‘My brand feels like it’s starting from zero, which is great’, he said.

Nina Ricci

With colours and prints stolen from the West, Guillaume Henry presented an entire collection dedicated to a modern, urban cow girl.

Stella McCartney

McCartney is all about good vibes, good energy, optimism; she accomplished what others designers couldn’t-articulating her social message through the clothes without slogans, and (most important) without sacrificing an ounce of her signature practical chic. 

Quoting the designer, ‘Faith and love inspire this collection. I want to reflect the good in people within my work. My message is clear.’

Giambatista Valli

Simply Parisienne.

Alexander McQueen

Baseball, anyone? This collection is as lyrical as it is savy, with the female warrior featured prominently in all of Sarah Burton’s work.

Louis Vuitton

For the most part, Ghesquière took a sportswear-centric approach; one rooted in the very L.A.


By now, everyone knows that for the latest Chanel show, Karl Lagerfeld installed and launched a 35-meter rocket inside the Grand Palais.

Extravagant? Absolutely. Some would say excessively, but it sent a message loud & clear: Chanel is first, foremost and unapologetically a luxury house.

*Disclaimer: The assembly of pictures comes according to my own personal taste. I choose only the outfits that I feel and vibe with, when it comes to these Fashion Week posts. That’s why I didn’t upload the entire collections. That’s why some fashion houses are represented by 2 pictures, others by 20. I hope this will answer your questions.


-A 💎.

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