Dear reader,
Here I am again, ready to tell my stories; ready to be your companion; ready to create something that fills in your 5 minutes of boredom. I do feel sorry for being AWOL these past few weeks, though. 

I turned 21 this month. The West might see this as a milestone, but Romanians come at age when they turn 18; personally, these labels don’t affect my everyday life much- when the clock striked 7:50 AM on the morning of 5th April, I didn’t feel older, or wiser, or happier. 

But looking a bit behind my shoulder, I do see I’m growing old; I do see I became wiser and I’m definitely a much happier woman. 


Because I keep it simple. 

Whether I think I can or can’t do something, I know I’m right; there is only ‘do it’ or ‘do not’; no ‘try’, no ‘maybe’; it’s up to me.

If life strikes hard, 95% of the aftermath is based on my reaction; am I not right ? It is me who chooses to be (or not to be) at peace.

Short piece of advice: adapt. The rain won’t stop just because we don’t like it; people won’t change just because we don’t agree with their point of view. So adapt. Some say only dead fish go with the flow, but doing so is an art not many have mastered.

Always use your head when handling yourself and always use your heart when handling others. People may forget words, people may forget actions but no one will ever forget how you made them feel. 

Also, I’ve noticed that almost all of us don’t get to live our dreams because we live our fears; is this true in your case? At least it was in mine. I like to believe I made a choice at a crossroad and that I’m following my true path right now. Everything I ever wanted was on the other side of fear.

Regarding all my epic fails- I embraced them. I’m proud of them. I’m a strong, young woman that has done more in her 21 years than others in a lifetime.

At one point, I promised I won’t underestimate myself again; one of the best calls I ever made. Soon after, self-confidence started to appear. Right now, I’m at my best; I’m fierce, I’m full of fire. I do feel fully alive; and if you’d ask me ‘How are you?’, the first 2 words to come out would be ‘Never better’.

When it comes to success- can you define it? I ended up believing that all this concept is different from person to person. Maybe for you it means loads of money, a Bentley and a huge mansion in Hidden Hills; for me, it is waking up in the morning, going to bed at night and getting to do what I love in between. 

And if we talk about destiny.. It’s hard (for me) to believe that somewhere is a board or a piece of paper that says ‘Alexandra Moise would go to university, get a job, get married and have 3 kids.’ No bro. I get to choose my life and how it goes, until the end. Yes, the Universe exists, and it acts in strange ways. Yes, there is plenty of energy surrounding us, and that energy many times works in our favour (or not). Even our mind, soul and body is pure energy. But don’t tell me I’m meant for something specific- I’m meant for whatever I choose to do with love.
I’m 21. Never better, never happier. 

Grateful to have you as my reader & blessed to be able to do what I’m passionate about. 

Thank you. 


-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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