Tesori d’Oriente-Byzantium

Immerse yourself in a world of scents, harmony and profound well-being. 

This is Tesori d’Oriente-the opportunity to recreate an Oriental wellness experience, body & mind, at home; ‘a voyage without end’, as described by the brand. Ever since it was established, the whole activity was based on a holistic concept of physical and mental balance.

The name itself spills all the secrets: ‘Tesori’ means ‘treasures’ in Italian, and the term was chosen due to their truly unique, rich and refined ingredients; ‘d’Oriente’ – ‘of the Orient’.

Nice source of inspo when it comes to fragrances.

Personally, I put my hands on a Byzantium set; the main scent is a combo of Black Rose & Labdanum. At first I wasn’t sure where these 2 elements come, because I could smell only cinnamon.

But after a second, it hit me; that oriental mix of flavours. I could feel them all around me; it was an imaginary trip to Istanbul, 500 years ago. Word.

Short after I found out what rarities I’m actually putting on my skin; the Black Rose grows exclusively in the Turkish village of Halfeti; Labdanum is one of the RockRose species that has been used for thousands of years in perfumes.
Discovering this brand was a very pleasant surprise, and that cute little shower-gel hanger conquered me forever. I find it really useful. 

My mind is really set on trying their whole gama of products, so I’ll be back for sure with more Treasures from the Orient. 

Keep posted. 


-A 💎.

Open for Feedback :)

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