‘Dr. Constantin Rădulescu’ Stadium|CFR Cluj-Cluj Napoca, Romania 🇷🇴

Saturday marked the first time in years since I witnessed a match with my soul-team playing. 

Yes, I do like football. Or soccer; call it as you wish. My blood is red, and I don’t mean it literally; I’m a red dog. As my father before me, as his brother, as their father before them.

Our family is Dinamo, and on Saturday we played with CFR Cluj. I came to see this match every single season before we left to Denmark; so many memories ❤.

To be honest, from every single CFR-Dinamo match that I witnessed, this is the first time we won; it was always a tie, or 1-0. 

But Saturday, Saturday was our lucky night; and I was lucky enough to catch the best view over our victory.

0-3 !!

The V.I.P. Section of the Stadium is a real treat; the chairs are insanely comfy, and you can smoke pretty much everywhere. 

Now that, that is the biggest bonus -in my case.

Dinamo is known throughout the Romanian 1st League for its supporters; we are loyal, we are true. We love our team, through loss and victory. We don’t abandon our religion.

5.000 red dogs came all the way from Bucharest to show their love and support. If you also count the ones outside the gallery, like me.. I say we make a pretty damn strong family.

Unlike my usual roadtrips, this one was in the company of my dad’s squad; amazing people, word. 

40+ men who still know how to have a good time and enjoy life to the fullest .. They are a role model; I really wish to keep my soul as young as they do after I reach 40.

Thank you Dad, for this awesome night. It was a true daddy-daughter moment, much needed and very welcomed. 

Love you, always & forever.

Hai Dinamo ❤.

Open for Feedback :)

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